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Fire Safety

Extinguishes more effectively than water, foam and powder in many cases.
Suitable for classes A, B, C,
D, and F fire


FireEx Marine can also be used to extinguish electical fires of up to 1,000 Watts

Marine Specialised

Developed for the Marine market due to
demands and risks of
fire at sea


Safe for use on
lithium-ion batteries,
can stop the spread of
fire as well as prevent
cell chain reaction

Stops Spread

Provides preventative
protection against fire
spread through its
impregnating effect


100% biodegradable
formula, without using any
harmful fluorosurfactants


100% non-toxic,
non-corrosive and
dermatologically harmless.
Will not irritate the skin
upon contact.


20 times better cooling
on skin for on person
fires (clothing,
accelerants etc)

Safe Distance

Operates using an aerosol
valve to atomise and
distribute the gel for up to
20 seconds from 5 metres


Directed spray pattern for
minimal interference from
environmental variables in
outdoor situations

Safe & Secure

Safety design to reduce
the risk of accidental or
unintended release


Much lighter than
traditional fire extinguishers, allowing
people of all ages to quickly
and easily extinguish a fire
using only one hand


Requires no maintenance
or upkeep. Units are
delivered directly from the
manufacturer with 3 years
of shelf life

Quick, Easy Clean Up

Safe, quick and easy
clean up; gel can be
cleaned with just water
leaving no damage or
lasting residue

Proven History

Developed in Germany in
2011 as a way to improve on existing fire extinguishers
while reducing pollution

Established Success

Long record of success,
including being used by
both the Police and Fire
Services in Germany

Unique Features of FireEx Marine

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