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At Appex we pride ourselves on our customers, and have been fortunate to work with some of the most successful companies across the marine world.

Goran Fric

Pitter Yachting

Since discovering FireEx Marine last year we began discussions to partner with Appex Trade to not only supply our own fleet, but also to other partners within the Nautic Alliance and at our retail stores across Croatia. We feel this not only improves fire safety but also can be cleaned up quickly and easily in the case of a fire; as using a powder extinguisher will almost always mean ending a trip early.

Zlatko Vodanović

Adriatic Sailing

We decided to invest in FireEx Marine for the Adriatic Sailing fleet as we saw it as a crucial addition to traditional extinguishers that we already have onboard. We often have charter clients with little or even no sailing experience, so having an option that is visible and quick to use was an easy decision to make

Ecommerce Partners

A selection of our partner websites that are stocking FireEx Marine

NAUTIC d.o.o. is a company that was founded with the aim to provide you full comfort, a sense of security and pleasure in every moment at sea.

With a catalog of over 15,000 items from the best brands in the sector, very high product availability, Magellano Store has managed to satisfy over 100,000 customers in Italy and the world.

The leading marine retailer in Austria. Also offer servicing, seminars plus sailing safety training courses.

Yacht charter, services and shops in Croatia



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